...A costume-led interactive performance 

"Art and Magic" residency in Mina Gerais, Brazil 

The female body nurtures... but we must not forget to thank its care by nurturing it too... "Taking care of the Breast-Egg (Ovopeito)".

   It's an exchange of love and mutual care from the feminine to the world and from the world to the feminine.

"Cuidando do Ovopeito" (2019), Terra UNA ecovillage in Mina Gerais, Brazil


Devising, Performer, Costume Design and "Ovopeito" sculptures: Juliette Placco

Photography: Ariane Cote'

Audience members: Participants at Terra UNA ecovillage

Terra UNA "Art and Magic" residency organizers: Nadam Guerra, Jaya Parvaz

MATU (Mostra de Arte Terra UNA) curator: Paula Borghi

Details of Costume Design