About Universal Touch

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We are all different creatures, we are all different cultures; 

we all share different ways of physically relating to each others,

different ways of touching, of expressing intimacy to one another, whether we be humans or animals.

But... what if we could find a touch that is universal, common to all, and everyone, and everything? 

As two creatures give birth to themselves and come out of their shared cocoon, they cut their long umbilical chords and start a choreography of life in the discovery of their shared bodies.


Learning to play with, bite and kiss, push and pull, hold and release the other, attaching one's body to the body of the other, caressing, creating physical shapes and sensations, the creatures relentlessly explore different ways of touching as well as getting in touch with their natural feelings for the other being. 

Their encounter and their dance is a visual contemplation which tries to answer the unanswerable question: Could we ever find a universal touch? 

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