About Self-Love, Self-Mother 

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A woman starts a journey into her own feminine instinct realm, it's a journey of finding Self-Love and becoming her own Self-Mother.

Going through the Passage of the Caress,a metaphorical door that separates the real world to her instinct realm, she enters into a sacred space that she never knew could be part of her.

In it, she discovers two Mother Goddesses, her spirit guides: Nourishing Mother Goddess and Mother Body Goddess.

Nourishing Mother Goddess, awakes from the pomegranate and initiates a playful connection with the woman.

They feed each others with fruits from the Goddess's pocket in her dress: a return to naiveté and the enjoyment of the simple pleasures in life.

She teaches her the importance of caring for her body and its needs, feeding herself with what she desires and respecting her body's wishes is not greed and indulgence, but love.

Her divine element, the pomegranate (as discussed in the project Philomela's Self-Birth Ritual ) is a tool and symbol for this teaching. 

Mother Body Goddess arises from behind the Belly Shelter, her divine element, she softly invites the woman to come towards her.

This Goddess is there to teach the importance of appreciating her own natural female body as it, in its rawness and visceral beauty.

 Her costume represents the fluids of female fertility and the mother's body. These are Menstrual Blood, Breast Milk and Amniotic Fluids, which she then invites the woman to explore in three different bowls in front of her.

The performance is all throughout a celebration of feminine wisdom, it's a symbolic letting go of fear of connecting to ourselves and who we truly are. It's a rebirth, a discovery that we have much more resources within than we ever realise. 


It's a teaching that a strong healthy relationship with ourself is one of the most beautiful things we can build: an ever lasting Self-Love. 


And in any time we may need some comfort we can metaphorically enter into our own womb (Belly Shelter) and care for our feelings like a Mother would do: those moments in which we become Self-Mothers.

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