About Self-Love Costume

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In a society which sees the traditional feminine as subversive, a society that is fearful of connecting to real raw emotions, a society which is slowly forgetting the importance of natural healing... there needs to be a new revolution for a radical change. 

Here comes the Self-Love Costume, padded with care, quilted with presence, embroidered with meaning, ready to make this change.

I aim to offer the theatre realm a costume for a female character (you will encounter it both in "Self-Love, Self-Mother" and "Philomela's Self-Birth Ritual" projects) that functions as a tool for self-renewal and empowering discovery of their feminine selves (both their female bodies and spirits).

My statement is that our society's healing can happen through the feminine. Through connecting to their own soft female energy, the characters show the audience their capacity for self-healing, and then reach the spectators to help them heal too ( gifting the "Self-Love" letters inside the costume's pockets). 

My material choices/ techniques and colours were chosen with careful consideration of the concept.

For instance, I chose pastel colours, used soft padding and comfortable foams to structure the costume, I chose the quilting technique to give it a "cushion" feel. I made the red ovaries with fluff, selected soft fabrics like velvet and satin.

The objects on the Wings of Self-freedom are a Phone-to heart Connector (a tool that the performer can use to converse with their heart, and a Lavender Healing Tank with real dried lavender flowers (a natural medicine).

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