About Original Copy

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Constantly seeking to define ourselves and others, life becomes a tumultuous quest to create, shape and re-shape the self and the other. 


The design I created for this ballet comes after the given title Original Copy chosen by the choreographer.

I imagined that this "original copy" could be an archetype, a quintessential copy which all the dancers would embody.


The sculptural and artificial nature of the costumes makes the characters atemporal, gender-neutral, non-definable and non-recognisable so as to conceal any possible identification.

But if we are put in a world where it seems like we are all the same, it's only a human natural instinct to try and differentiate ourselves to others, and others from others. 

As projections of distinct faces come up in the theatre walls, the performers choreographically transform each other's faces so as to resolve this dilemma: the dance becomes a transformation, an expression of desperate attempts to define one another. 

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