Juliette Placco is a French-Italian interdisciplinary artist working across interior and set design, ceramics, visual arts. 

She has graduated with a bachelor's degree in Performance: Design and Practice at Central Saint Martins college of Art and Design, London (UK), and currently studying Interior Design at Lisbon School of Design.


Juliette is passionate about creating poetic and dreamlike atmospheres and moods. Her particular interest is that of using art and design as a way of telling stories.


An avid explorer of colour palettes, shapes and textures, she cares about helping the audience member to disconnect from their everyday realities to join a realm of joy, spirit, poetry, warmth and love.

Themes that she explores in her practice are the Divine Feminine, Self-Love, the Mother Body, Touch, the Goddess, Feminism, Nature, Healing, Archetypes and Mythology.

She believes in the potential of art and design to stimulate deep contemplation, social transformation and meaningful connection.

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