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About "Cuidando do Ovopeito"

This performance was developed in the context of an Art residency in the Brazilian Ecovillage Terra UNA in January 2019. During my stay, in a full immersion with the jungle, the intense wilderness and kind hearted people, I asked myself many questions relating my search on Ecofeminist art practice.


A burning fact came to me: we live in a society that hyper-sexualises and reduces the breast to a mere object. I decided to dedicate the project to the search towards a de-sexualisation of the breast through interactive performance.


 I aimed to offer a space in which the audience would explore a new connection (physical and emotional) to the breast. Coming out from the costume (a metaphorical "Skin" of the body of the female artist), the Ovopeitos are an extension of the female skin. From Her body to the world, we create a connection in which the female artist is empowered by deciding where to place herself. This place is that of giving and receiving from the female to the audience and to the audience back to the female. An exchange of care, the realisation that the breast is more than an object. It holds the sacredness of nurture. A nurturing that we must give back too, a nurturing that the female deserves too. 

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